Learn Chinese

Basic Level A1

Understanding of PINYINS Identification of Characters Concept of Tones Self Introduction Counting Time Month days & Week days WH Questions(What, When, Where, Which, How etc) Likes and dislikes of oneself Reading visiting card Prepositions, adjectives, adverbs Measure words used between numbers and nouns

Acomplishments after Basic A1

Able to Order food in restaurant Able to Talk about directions Able to do Conversation at airport Able to Talk about family

Basic Level A2

Modal particle “le” The complex attributives “duo1” and “shao3” Structural particles The complement of results The duplication of verbs Action in progress The compound directional compliments Fraction and percentage Complex adverbs Sentence with implied passive voice


Able to Talk about any third person Able to do Conversation at bank Able to do Conversation at post office Able to do Conversation about shopping

Intermediate Level - B1

Rhetorical questions Interrogative pronouns combined with complex sentences Usage of potential complements and adverb Words used as both noun and verbs PronunciatAdjectives used as an attributive Contrary sentences Verb object phrase plus “de” Popular idioms and proverbs Some more modal particles Duplicate of measure words and numeral measure words


Able to do Formal conversation Able to Narrating small stories Interview handling Conversation skills Listening skills will be more improved Vast vocabulary