Learn German

Basic Level A1

Greetings Countings Introduction Adjectives Informal and Formal Address Personal Pronouns Sentence Structure Articles Sentence Structure – Plural "W" Questions Questions with Verbs Timings Past Tense Preposition

Acomplishments after Basic A1

Able to Order food in restaurant Able to Talk about directions Able to do Conversation at airport Able to Talk about family

Basic Level A2

Conjunction Comperative With -Wie & Als Personal Pronoun -With Dativ Possessive Pronoun-With Dativ Adjective Endings Relative Sentences Preposition With Dative Verbs With Dative Preposition-(Changeable) A Text With Genitiv


Able to Talk about any third person Able to do Conversation at bank Able to do Conversation at post office Able to do Conversation about shopping

Intermediate Level - B1

Revisions Of Conjuctions Conjunctions – Genitiv (Waehrend) Irregular Verbs Sentences With Prepositions Sentences With –Wenn, Denn Imperative Clauses With – Weil Imperative With – Zu Adjectiv With – Um/Los Clauses With – That Futur With – Werden + Infinitiv Double Conjunctions Partizip 1 Plusqumperfekt Passive Sentences Form –Man Interrogatives Brauchen + Zu + Infinitive Negations Nouns With – Keit Or Heit Verbs With Prepositions


Able to do Formal conversation Able to Narrating small stories Interview handling Conversation skills Listening skills will be more improved Vast vocabulary