Personality Development


THE MENTORING HUB pioneered and initiated a Personality development programme. The course includes specific modules on social grace and etiquettes, Dinning etiquettes, telephonic etiquettes, body language and conversational and communication skills. The essence of education lies in giving the youth right direction so that they reach out to the new horizons. Keeping with the changing educational and social scenario it has become pertinent to help our children to face the challenges lying ahead in life; in a positive and constructive manner. Personality development workshops and activities are organized on a regular basis at THE MENTORING HUB. Our efforts towards personality development include:
Inculcating proper etiquettes and table manners by monitoring the eating habits of students.
A number of Inter-class competitions are held and maximum participation is encouraged, in order to inculcate confidence. The teaching is conducted majorly through aids and activities. Not set timetable or rigid syllabus is followed.
Stress is laid on developing the language skills of the child and on developing the muscular, mental and emotional facilities by helping him explore his immediate surroundings.

Course Content

Academic / General Training Module Positive Attitude Art of Communication Body language / Power Dressing Motivational sessions Devloping Leadership quality Understanding People and Behavior Incorporating courteousness in your demeanor Overall Confidence Building Stress/Self management Interview Handling Techniques Mock sessions Table Etiquette Anger Management


Learning through activities Audio sessions Reading sessions Lecture with discussion Translation in group Group discussions Entertaining way of learning Allow everyone to participate in an active process Play skit Pictured based teaching